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“In a business of pitfalls, this book feels like a ladder.”

Wayne Hector

ASCAP, BRIT, and Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter



“Guidance around health and wellbeing can often be overwhelming but Sound Advice does an excellent job of cutting through the noise on this vitally important subject as well as demystifying the fundamentals of our industry. Simply put, this is a must-read for anyone starting out in music today.”

David Joseph

Chairman and CEO of Universal Music UK



“Sound Advice is a very accessible, comprehensive book which brings together key messages about how to sustain a healthy and successful career in music, illustrated by stories from musicians who have experienced and worked through some of the challenges. Delighted to see these important health messages embedded in a guide to success. This is essential reading for anyone developing a career in music.”

Claire Cordeaux

BAPAM Director



“Sound Advice is a great resource for artists, songwriters, producers and musicians. The pressure of creativity and success in music is a heavy burden and can be overwhelming.”

Nile Rodgers

Grammy Award-winning musician and producer



“I wish I’d had this book when I was just starting out as an artist and songwriter. The music industry is complicated and no one teaches you how to navigate through all of the different parts of it. Sound Advice really covers everything in a way that’s digestible and accessible, and even after being in this industry for ten years, I still learned new things!”

Lauren Aquilina

singer and songwriter


“Whether you’re just starting out as a professional musician, or have already had a long career, this book will empower you. It is packed with insight and advice, presented with clarity and empathy. Rhian and Lucy cover all the important issues that musicians need to navigate, including performance, creativity, physical health, mental health, money, industry, fans and relationships. The book gives musicians hope that they can drive their careers forward in the direction they want, without losing control of what’s most precious to them. Reading each chapter is like having an intimate conversation with your most trustworthy friend, whilst at the same time tuning into the collective wisdom of a stadium full of experts and artists. Every professional musician should read Sound Advice – it’s as simple as that.”

James Ainscough

CEO of Help Musicians


“This book is informative, accessible, and, at times, highly entertaining. We have a responsibility to create a healthy and sustainable working environment – music is no different to any other business. Sound Advice will be a valuable asset to all those artists and executives alike, trying to navigate a safe, successful and sustainable way through our world. Highly recommended!”

John Reid

President of Live Nation Europe



“Sound Advice combines up to date, practical career information with straight-talking discussion about many unwelcome companions to a career in music — the mental and emotional pitfalls, how to avoid them, or how to get help if you do fall in to the pit. Read this book — it might save your life one day.”

Matt Thomas

co-founder of Music Support



“The whole industry needs a book like Sound Advice. From the artists at the very beginning to the artists who’ve been in the game for the longest time. This industry chops and changes but Sound Advice outlines the fundamentals that will never change.”

Lucy Spraggan

singer and songwriter



“An important and sobering look behind the curtain of the archaic, mythical ‘rock and roll lifestyle’ and the effect it has on the mind, body and soul.”

Jonathan Higgs

Everything Everything



“In this book, Lucy Heyman and Rhian Jones depict through the first-hand insight from artists as well as their own knowledge and experience, a highly realistic picture of stresses, strains and rewards of being a professional musician. It’s an indispensable read for anyone embarking on a career in music.”

Sarah Osborn

Incorporated Society of Musicians



“This book manages to combine academic and scientific insight with specific self-help techniques all within the context of the lived experience of many of the contributors. I will be sure to recommend it to all of the artists and acts I come across in my work within the music industry and my private practice.”

Adam Ficek

psychotherapist, musician, and Babyshambles member



“Sound Advice is a hugely needed resource for helping to deal with the incredible pressure to do great work and succeed in our business.”

Merck Mercuriadis

founder and CEO of Hipgnosis Songs